Thursday 18 June 2009

Ross Kemp Spots Another Gooner

It has been a wee while since my last post so this may be a long one. I started work on Monday which coincided with gum pain that has given me sleepless nights. I was unemployed for over four months and apart from the odd bout of gastric reflux, I had a rather carefree time health wise. I ask myself, why the fuck when you need to be alert and focused, does your body start to resist??? Mouth pain is right up at the top of my charts for ''Pains to Avoid''. It is not a new entry, it has always been there!!! So why has my mouth decided to piss around with me this week just before I start work? Probably the same god of luck that sends me out of the Twitter Poker Tour Europe with pocket Kings losing to Queens. Somebody up there is taking the piss and I want them to stop. I bet Ross Kemp can cope with mouth ache better than I can which brings me nicely on to this weeks ''Ross Kemp In Search of Pirates''

This week Ross visited Nigeria in his quest for a meeting with modern day pirates. He didn't get a meeting but two more Gooners were spotted along the way. Eboue would be among friends if he signed up for a Pirates XI. Now, I said it in another post, but I must say it again, Ross Kemp has big steel balls. I think what he was attempting to do in this weeks episode was way beyond what you would expect from a production team. He travelled way off the beaten track into the Niger Delta into an area where there is a very high risk of being kidnapped. Later in the show, he and his small production team were staying in a hotel that they were not allowed to leave due to the danger outside !!!! Now here's the big one: He tried to arrange a secret 3am meeting with pirates which would involve secretly bypassing security to get out of the hotel. ''If you go to meet kidnappers, there's a good chance you could be kidnapped yourself'' he said. Now you see why I said he has balls of steel. Big Respect Ross!!!!!

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