Thursday 11 June 2009

Boa Riddance Rergulhador

So the big news today is the Ronaldo to Real Madrid saga. I have to say that they are most welcome to each other and I believe Man Utd will be no poorer for his loss. £80 million can get a lot of player or players and if I was a Manc, I would be excited rather than disappointed. I for one will be glad to see the back of him as I hate his diving, cheating and cry baby tactics. That is what I will remember him for, not his skill, dribbling and free kicks, but his diving. The REAL reason for his departure can be found here.

He may be the most expensive player in football history, but he is also the most hyped up. Being told he is the best player in the world has done this boy's ego no good. Lionel Messi is, in my opinion, streets ahead of him on every level and when he is fouled he stays on his feet if at all possible. Balance, sublime skill and great attitude, that is Messi.

There has not been much happening in Arsenal news and there isn't really much to report on any signing progress. Theo played in last night's thrashing of Andorra and to be honest, I switched it on and lost interest after ten minutes. Prison Break v England game = no contest. Watching the likes of Lumpturd, Cuntley and Rancid Captain are really not my idea of what I love about football and I certainly don't like to see them pawing all over Theo. International games are really not what they used to be and Goonerholic has a good post covering that. It's well worth a read whoever you support. I would not go to a Scotland game if I got a free ticket, free lift to the ground and a seat sandwiched between Miss Scotland and Lorraine Kelly.

Tonight sees my return to the poker tables, after a self imposed break, for Twitter Poker Tour. I do hope to do well, but then I say that every week and do badly so I doubt that this week will be much different. I enjoy playing in them as it is like a home game and they really are a good bunch of peeps. As they say in Portuguese: ''Shuffle up e lidar''

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