Tuesday 2 June 2009

Fair Play Arsenal

Not a lot has been happening in Arsenal news lately and the press, always on the look out for transfer rumour, have decided to focus on the imminent move of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. Just the usual type of story that rears its ugly head at this time of year. The Daily Mail reports:

''And the newspaper claims 'reliable sources' believe there is already a 'firm agreement' that their former trainee will rejoin the club next month.

It is estimated the fee would be in excess of £40million, though Barca could offer players in exchange or a significant chunk of cash in performance-related clauses.''

I think these reports can be taken with a pinch of salt and I would imagine their 'reliable sources' are probably not as reliable as they claim. I can't see Cesc making a move at this stage in his Arsenal career.

In other news, Arsenal finished 3rd in the Fair Play League, which is a good reflection of our attitude and the way we approach the game. This is the table where Sp*rs get closest to us and they are only three places below us. I think 'St Totteringham's Day' in this league falls later than the traditional one. I really think the FPL is their only chance to get close to us so well done to Twitchy Redknapp and his shower of useless overrated lilywhite shite merchants. I believe that if they overtake us in this race their video production company is on standby to produce a double DVD set entitled 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall We are the Fairest of Them All'. I have also heard from a 'reliable source' that they scrapped their latest DVD set in post production. It was to be called 'Pav,North London's Greatest Russian'. Needless to say, it was binned a few months ago. It's also very interesting to see who finished bottom of the FPL, yes indeed, Phil Liar Orange Face and his shower of shit. The table doesn't lie as he does hehe.

Not much else happening today and the sun has just slipped away under a hazy cloud covering. Still very warm though.

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