Sunday 14 June 2009

Limp Exit and Limp Bizkit

After not doing too well in this weeks Twitter Poker Tour Europe, I placed a respectable 7th in the later main TPT event. I just ran out of cards when I needed a hand to push with and ended up shoving with a mediocre holding. This was my highest finish to date and keeps me near the top end of the leader board. Well done to Poker Blunders who won after not having played a TPT for some time. I didn't bother getting involved in Friday night's mini TPT as it was HORSE they were playing and I am no good at that, in fact I would say I am more of a horse's arse than HORSE player.

The festival season is well under way, and this weekend saw the Download Festival from Donnington. With live streaming on their website and Limp Bizkit hitting the stage on Friday afternoon, it all added up to a televisual feast!! The feast started for me as Fred Durst and the boys opened their set and I stuck the external speakers to full blast. They were absolutely brilliant. I particularly enjoyed ''Full Nelson'' as Fred got two guys from the crowd up on stage and the three of them jumped about the stage in a mental fashion. Fantastic !!! I didn't catch much of yesterday's bands but today I have watched Journey and Dream Theater who were both excellent. I wish I had been able to go as the brilliant Shinedown were playing on one of the other stages. I have managed to see them just once when they supported Disturbed in Glasgow last year. I only caught half of their set then too but that is another story. Damned Carling Academy sucks !!!!

The rest of my weekend has been spent watching season 2 of Prison Break which is just a great way to spend one's time. Tomorrow sees me start work after over four months of unemployment so my life as a professional poker player is about to end - early retirement :) It's a hobby now. A hobby is supposed to be a pleasure and I resolve to temper my anger when my AA loses to 49 off suit....... I will try.

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