Thursday 4 June 2009

Great Speech, Bad Beats and TPT

I struggled out of bed this morning just as Barack Obama's Cairo speech started. Mrs GG (I will refer to her as Mrs GG which will most probably annoy her as she hates Arsenal and is a Man U fan and is my partner....but Mrs GG is easier than calling her my Manc loving partner) who works from home took a very rare break from the daily enslavement of her laptop and phone and joined me on the couch. 

It was a long speech and we both sat in silence sipping our coffee in awe of the sheer confidence, humility and belief that the President displayed throughout. I found the whole thing very heartwarming and inspirational and couldn't help thinking how different things would have been after 9/11 had Obama been in power then. Well done to him !!!!

Last night I received an email from @captianwowsplat who had suffered a particularly horrible bad beat at the hands of Poker Stars random card generator which can be seen here. The main problem here is that the caller had about 12% chance of winning this hand post flop and it was, to most players, an easy lay down. Unfortunately for captainwowsplat, the player in question had absolutely no idea of odds or even any idea of what poker is about and he called off a large bet hoping that he could get VERY lucky and Poker Stars obliged as it often does. This is the type of play that angers real poker players, and in normal circumstances would not have arose as the hand would be over after the all in that was near pot sized.

 I later examined the player's recent stats here and it is apparent he has been playing very badly at micro stake MTTs' for some time and only recently won one for $109. God knows how he actually won one, but it is patently obvious he is not a player and was having a shot at a higher level. I suffered a couple of bad beats yesterday morning on the same site which I tweeted. I was angry at the time but as they say 'that's poker'. It's NOT poker but it is the way it is becoming unfortunately. I had much greater success at the tables when I was a beginner. I have read countless books including Harrington, Super System and subscribe to Poker Player magazine. Have they improved the way I play? Yes. Do I win less now? YES, a LOT less. Very strange indeed.

Anyway, it's Thursday and that means TwitterPoker Tour. I am second on the leader board in the European version and will do my best to get to a position where I can play heads up for an Ibanez Custom guitar. I really want it and it would be a shame if it was won by someone who doesn't know the difference between a C and a G chord :)

See you at the tables later fellow tweeters........

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  1. I have seen clips of the speeches and found them to be right on. Even though I am an Obama supporter and have voted for him, I still am impressed everyday what he and his administration has done since taken over.

    On the poker front, there is no way to stop a person who does not know odds or the real game from winning - except in the knowledge that over time he will not be profitable and we will be.

    I have read over 30 books and now have five more to read. A strange thing about that. When my wife Diane and I were first married, I used to play chess with her but she was not really a student of the game. I already had read a few books and offered to share those with her. She said no thanks. I learned some of the opening moves and counter moves from the chess greats! But all of a sudden, I started losing to her. She was making moves that I had not seen before and I was unable to counter those. Finally, after she had beaten me three games in a row, I asked her what was she doing? She said, "just anything that pops in my head". My reading and studying had not helped my game against her.
    Knowing what to do and having it work is something else.

    Good luck at the #TPT tonight. I have been avoiding late night games although, I may yet play another one if I feel well rested. We old fellas need our beauty sleep.