Saturday 26 September 2009

One nil to the Arsenal

Fulham v Arsenal half time audio

Saturday 19 September 2009

Sunday 13 September 2009

Despicable Togalese Tosser

It has not been a fortnight that I wish to remember in footballing terms. From our defeat at Old Trafford came a very tiresome international break which saw us lose Arshavin, Scotland predictably fail to qualify for South Africa and a torturous 90 minutes following Man Shitty and Arsenal via Radio 5 and Twitter.

I reckon that this is the first Arsenal game I haven't been able to watch live in over a year. So travelling down the M6 heading ironically for a Man Shitty supporter's birthday bash, I tuned into 5 live to listen to the action unfold. This really is not a good way to follow your team but it was the only option available as we continued south past Manchester. This was an early season away match that I was tempted to attend but thankfully I chose the season opener at Goodison in preference.

I have spent the day travelling back up and following the reaction on Twitter and the web. It is now Sunday evening and I have watched the Football First recording of the game. The result was a complete farce and I thought we played reasonably well and controlled things. Unfortunately it is not the footballing skills of any individual that everyone is talking about.

Adebayor is a disgrace to his profession and should have been shown a straight red for his despicable lack of regard for the well being of a fellow professional who until recently, he shared a dressing room with. His act was deliberate, and could have done serious damage to Robin Van Persie's life, not just his career, his life you fucking tosser!! Any blow to the head can have grim consequences and to deliberately do what he did leaves me very angry. I never cared for his lazy, offside strewn performances for Arsenal, but now I can only wish him a career that doesn't see him win another honour. He rubbed salt in the wound with his 90 yard sprint and showed complete contempt for all us Gooners. So Fuck off Adebayor you scummish rancid lanky piece of turd !!!

Sorry for the language but I am really pissed off. We are Arsenal and we will bounce back. Not often I hope for a Manure win, but I will for just one week.