Friday 29 May 2009

Why am I not at World Series of Poker?

'Shuffle  up and deal' those famous words that herald the greatest event in the poker world. The World Series of Poker 2009 is underway in The Rio and I so wish that I was there. The Main Event starts on Friday July 3rd and I guess I do have time to qualify, but it's been a hard year for me at the tables and I no longer have the bankroll to give it a shot in one of the bigger satellites. We spent a lot of time at The Rio on our last Vegas trip and I did well at the cash tables there - I just want the opportunity to be back there in July. I do believe I will play in it one day and I think most poker players have to believe such things are possible. Chris Moneymaker did it so why not me... or you. For now I will just have to content myself with the Twitter Poker Tour.

The TPT took place last night with 40 runners. I didn't have a great run and ended up going out 24th. It starts at 2am UK time so is not really suited to most Europeans who work. There is however, a European TPT that starts at 7pm UK and a lot less runners, usually 9 or 10. I finished second last night after a marathon heads up with Steve Brogan. The turning point came when I paired my ace on the flop and shoved not realising he had the nut flush which improved to a Royal Flush on the river. Nice one Steve !! I never really recovered after that and Steve took down his second TPTE in a row. Well done to him.

There is not a lot happening in the world of Arsenal at the moment but if any of you tune in to Arseblog's Arsecast, you will have heard me as the first caller with my 'disappointment of the season'. It has to be that horrible night at The Emirates when Sp*rs came back to draw 4-4. I honestly can't remember another point in the season where I felt so angry and cheated and just plain shit. A truly horrible experience. It was great to hear my opinion on Arsecast (fame at last) and for those of you who listen, it puts me in the company of Eboue, Arsene Wenger Hawkins, The Man in the Bar, Amoury Bishcoff PI, George and David O'Leary

A nice hot sunny Friday here in Glasgow as I imagine it is in most places today. Off to enjoy some of it and dream of boarding that Virgin Atlantic to Vegas at the end of June mmmm.....

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  1. By far, that hand will go down as my favorite regardless of the outcome of the tournament. It did have the effect of making us almost dead even in chips. I have never seen a flop like that before ... but I would not mind seeing it again.

    See you at the next #TPTE when I will try for three in a row. lol.