Thursday 21 May 2009

Twitter Poker Tour

Thursday evenings are all about The Twitter Poker Tour. I searched Google for a TPT image to accompany this post and Tara Palmer Tompkinson was as close as I got. There was an image of some Italian woman wearing very little with her ass in the air from her My Space page, so Tara it is.

I played in TPT Europe at 7pm and finished 3rd after leading for a while. Steve Brogan was wiping the floor with us all by the end of play and he notched up a deserved win. There were only nine runners and it would be nice to get some more Europeans involved. I think there were 5 Europeans tonight and we finished 2nd and 3rd, so not too bad.

As I have been running pretty bad lately, I am selective when I play now and avoiding the intense 8-12 hour marathons I used to have. I closed my Full Tilt after the tourney and headed upstairs for a few games of FIFA 2009 (awesome game) which has permanent residence in my Playstation

I am watching some Irish Open highlights with some great commentary from Neil Channing. Neil has a very deep understanding of the game and I love listening to his insights and hand analysis. 

Later on (2am) comes the Twitter Poker Tour Season 3  Event #6  on PokerStars. There will be a much bigger field for this and it really is a great tourney to play in. I have yet to win either a TPT or TPTE but have however won a mini TPT on Carbon. I won a $109 seat for their $50k Sunday but failed to cash after having a reasonable stack for a short while. Someday............

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