Wednesday 20 May 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my world of Arses and Aces although the aces have been hard to come by for a while now.

I decided to start this blog as a means of sharing my thoughts mainly on two of my passions, Arsenal Football Club and poker with a bit of music too, so a mixed bag really. My musical taste is much more varied than it was in my youth when I would only listen to heavy rock/metal. I still listen to that stuff, but it is mixed with lots of other stuff too. 

I have been a fan of many Arsenal blogs and podcasts over the years and decided to put my own thoughts on a blog. My favourite Arsenal blog has and always will be Arseblog which has an accompanying podcast called Arsecast. Check it out here

As well as watching every Arsenal game and ocasionally going to games, I play a lot of online poker. I used to play much more than I do now but I feel I used to run way better than I do now. Poker paid for a good portion of our last trip to the oasis in the desert they call Las Vegas. Now my poker income would barely pay for a few nights at Butlins!!!! Seriously, things have not been good at the tables for quite some time. I actually donked out of a WSOP freeroll earlier this evening after shipping with two pairs on the turn when the guy was sitting with a set. Will I ever learn ??????

I hope to update on a regular basis and you can also follow me on Twitter @GlasgowGooner. Please feel free to comment and I hope to be able to publish stuff that is of interest.

 Right, that's the introduction over and I look forward to updating very soon.

Cheers !!!

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