Monday 29 March 2010

Manuel sus errores nos han costado el título

It has indeed been a long time since I felt the urge to update this blog as I have been busy with work and playing my new XBox. I don't know if I feel the urge now, but I was checking new templates, opened the dashboard and here I am.

The Premier title was looking to be a strong possibility this time last week and at 4.45pm on Saturday all was running to plan at St Andrews (The patron saint of Scotland and a ploughed piece of waste ground in Birmingham presided over by a ginger haired heathen called 'Eck' who also happens to be Scottish). Birmingham City was always going to be one of our tougher games in the run in and it proved to be so. After a pretty forgettable first half, Arsenal started to take some control with Abu Diaby in particular continuing his excellent run of form (and fitness). Nasri and Arshavin were introduced for the lively Rosicky and Walcott who I had actually forgotten was on the pitch. Samir made a very quick impact and scored a goal of real quality as he does. One nil to the Arsenal and we were on course for another three points. My elation was soon to be hacked to bits and spat into the net by our hapless excuse for a goalkeeper. Take a bow Mr Manuel Almunia !! On more than one occasion you have flapped around your goalmouth and given the ball a helping hand into our net. Not nearly good enough. I'm afraid I have been scratching my head for a long time as to why Arsenal have such a poor collection of goalkeepers. Anyway, I am not going to dwell on it as there's fuck all I can do or say to make it better but FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!

Barcelona come to the Grove on Wednesday and it really has the makings of a fantastic cup tie, two of the greatest football playing teams on the planet playing two legs in magnificent arenas and surfaces. I really wish I could afford to be there but with a trip to America in a couple of weeks coupled with my meagre earnings in my taxi, I just can't afford it. I am disappointed that I have only managed to attend two matches this season, but that's what redundancy does. Football ain't cheap and travelling from Glasgow makes it an expensive day out. Next season I am hoping I can get to many more games.

In two weeks we head to Orlando for a few days before boarding a Carnival cruise ship for the VH1 'Best Cruise Ever'. We sail to Grand Cayman with 15 bands including 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry. It is going to be awesome with wall to wall rock music and partying. Bring it on !!!!!

I have managed to source an English pub in Orlando so that I can watch us playing those puffed up cockerel loving fuckers who last won the league before my grandfather was born. I just hope it ain't frequented by any of their sad deluded fans. The Wigan game I will miss, but according to Wise old Collymore, we are going to lose that one anyway.

The countdown to the holiday has begun.......

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