Sunday 31 January 2010

Excited and Nervous

It has indeed been a long time since I updated this blog as I have had very little time for anything other than sitting around in my car trying to make money. Taxi driving is not a career I had hoped to be involved in at this time of my life but shit, it sure beats drawing £60 from the government every week.

Today is a HUGE day for Arsenal and we are an hour and a half from kick off as I type. Can we take the three points today? Too right we can. It won't be easy with our now limited resources up front but we played them off the park at their place earlier this season and got fuck all from it so today at home we really need to take our chances.

Just a short piece today to say COME ON THE ARSENAL !!!!!!!!

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  1. Good luck with the blog, like you say your doing something about it, and not just sitting around, don't put yourself down for being a taxi driver, many a drunken nite a taxi driver has saved me from walking home.

    Kayleigh @