Thursday 19 November 2009

Le Cunt

Thierry Henry cheated last night and he got off with it !!! So what?? Many have done worse and many will do much worse than T did last night.

I am neither French or Irish so I feel exactly the same as I do when I think of all the cheating antics displayed by the likes of Ronaldo & co.

The sheer volume of hatred displayed on Twitter during last night's aftermath was honestly ridiculous, with many associating Ireland's World Cup exit with ........................Arsenal?????Last night had absolutely damn all to do with Arsenal. I am seriously amazed that anybody can suggest that last night's handball is suddenly going to make us forget what the wonderful Thierry Henry did for Arsenal and indeed world football.

In the same way that Roy Carroll didn't run up to the ref saying ''Hey ref, that's a goal man. I dropped it about a foot over the line then scooped it out'' Thierry Henry stayed quiet. I didn't complain when Scotland got that penalty against the Welsh at Anfield all those years ago when Joe Jordan clearly handled it. The whole thing is just a huge mountain out of a molehill and I would be disgusted if the game had to be replayed.

Cheating is not nice, but it happens and it always will. I think no less of you Thierry !!


  1. If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'!

  2. Maradona, Schumacher, Keane, Henchoz, Carroll - all of these are footballers who never cheated (or, in Keane's case, set out to hurt a fellow pro) until Henry broke the mould on Wednesday. Puh-lease.

    Football has never been fair. If it was, we wouldn't have a World Cup qualifying system which only sends 13 teams to South Africa when 18 of FIFA's top 31 are members of UEFA - we would just have South Africa and the teams ranked 1-31 there next summer. As opposed to New Zealand and North Korea.

    As for the FAI's claim that football has lost its integrity? Anyone remember calciopoli? How is Henry's handball worse than match-fixing exactly?

    Bah humbug. Roll on the Premier League weekend, when we can go back to listening to Fergie prattling on about unfit refs ...

  3. Obviously, I meant "sends 13 European teams". Oops.