Friday 5 June 2009

Trying to Recapture Winning Ways

Another week draws to a close and I am no closer to re discovering the secret of winning at poker. Last night's Twitter Poker Tour went pretty badly for me and I ended up going out 11th out of 38 (i think) runners. Now 11th is not particularly awful, but it was the manner of my slow pithy demise that was disappointing. Normally I would never let my stack dwindle to a position where I had no fold equity left but the cards went a bit like this : 82 three times in a row, 10 3, 4 7, 2 6 and so on. Nothing I could even think of shoving with and I was left in a position where I had to shove with any old junk with a face card. Am I running badly or am I just a bad player? I feel it may be a bit of both.

I took up the game around five years ago and started with a $50 deposit on Pacific Poker I never had to reload my account and I started winning very consistently. By the time I had been playing for a couple of years, I was up over $3,000 and was a regular on $100 sit and go's and .50/1  cash. It seemed that I just needed to play and my bankroll would grow. I was final tabling MTT's, hell one Friday I entered a $200 sit and go on ipoker, fell asleep drunk, woke up with a short stack with a few runners left, and won it. I won $1,600 that night and I was drunk and slept for an hour while playing. I missed going on to 'Late Night Poker' by one place after getting through three satellites on Party Poker. I won a big freeroll on Pacific and the prize was a frame of snooker against the World Champion. (888 sponsor the World Championship)

We went to Vegas and I decided to take a large chunk of my bankroll with me. I don't regret doing this as I feel it is important to have pleasure from your winnings, and if you ain't been there, VEGAS IS PURE PLEASURE. That's why we've been there three times recently, despite 13 hours of flying and about 3hrs pissing around in airports.  Last trip, we nearly missed connecting flight in Detroit due to my insistence to stand in a smoky bar sucking nicotine before being asked to leave because I wasn't having food. 

Since those heady days of poker success, I have found that, no matter which site or game I play, I lose, and these losses run into 20 non cashes in a row. I really scratch my head as to why I can't get up the stakes again. Perhaps I never will, but as long as I am still keen to learn and still enjoying it, you just never know. I have still not given up on going to this years WSOP but my luck needs to change fast......... I have promised a fellow Tweeter that if I win the Main Event we can party in New England and do some wrecking of a meth trailer. What an incentive !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Don't take this wrong. But playing while drunk is not an edge to winning poker. I have seem from your play that you have some of the skills that you need to be a winning player. Discipline at the may be the next thing to add to you poker tool box. Best of luck and hope you make it to and in the "big event".