Tuesday 9 June 2009

Lost in Translation

There has not been a lot happening, hence no blog for a few days. Thankfully I will have less time to blog and tweet due to my imminent return to work. I was made redundant at the end of January and it has taken this long to get myself set up to go self employed as a private hire driver. A ridiculous length of time to be living off Job Seekers Allowance. I am glad this period is almost over and I eagerly await the release of the new i Phone so I can tweet during downtime. My contract upgrade has come at a good time. I will of course, hopefully have lots more money which will allow us a holiday of some description and I have already planned to go and watch Arsenal in next year's Champions League Final :)))

Arsenal are apparently very close to completing the signing of Thomas Vermaelen, the Ajax captain who hails from Belgium. This article from 'De Telegraff' has not translated very well as the headline reads ''Vermaelen Close to Leaving Arsenal''. Now that is not very encouraging if he is thinking of leaving before he has even signed. Perhaps he has had a call from Andre Arshavin informing him of the huge 40% tax hike in the UK. I guess Google Translator has its limiitations and I stumbled upon it while searching a Robin Van Persie article. Now I think this guy looks like a good signing and I do hope we get him. 

In other transfer speculation, we have been linked with a Moroccan who plays for Monaco which for the life of me I can't remember his name. I can't be bothered searching either as it is probably utter rubbish. I did watch a video of him on You Tube this morning and have to say wasn't that impressed. 

Things seem to have gone very quiet on the Adebayor front, which worries me a bit as I would be quite keen to see the back of him. It looks like there is a fair bit of competition for signing Dzeko from Wolfsburg and I suppose we don't really need another striker if lazy ass stays. 

I have had a few days rest from the poker tables and perhaps Twitter Poker Tour will be my weekly game. I have just got sick of the donkeys that seem to reside in online poker(TPT excluded) and after TPT season is over, I am going back to live play. It's embarrassing turning over 7 3 offsuit to suck out on someones Aces when physically sitting next to them and this type of hand is nearly always folded in a live game. Only time will tell to whether I get my poker mojo back, but I really am enjoying the break. Now for my Twitter 2,000th update !!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting back to the working environment. You post has made me realize that I need to get back to the poker room. Hopefully a 52s is not going to the river against a AK without a reason. Good luck at the TPT/TPTE tables.