Wednesday 24 June 2009

Sensitive Olfaction?

Oh how I have neglected my blog since I started Taxi Driving. To all of you millions who await my posts with bated breath, I apologise. Talking of breath, specifically bad breath, I have noticed smells that are only apparent when you are in close contact with people. I do need to get some kind of fabric freshener for my seats as I have been surprised by the percentage of people who obviously give it a miss on the personal hygiene. I guess I could wear a mask and say I'm trying to avoid Swine flu but that seems a tad extreme.

I have some quiet periods during the day so I think the new iPhone is going to be a useful tool for keeping up to speed with the web and Twitter. I do listen to the radio but Talk Sport can get a bit tedious once Mike Parry has finished. There also seems to be a lot of minority stuff like cricket on at the moment. I guess they need filler with the lack of football but it makes for a real bore fest in my opinion.

I have played very little poker lately and feel none the worse for it. I play, I lose, I get angry, so what's the point? Angry is an easy state to achieve so why go looking for it?

I discovered earlier that Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club are organising a trip to Goodison for our season opener. I will be going to that one as the bus trips are brilliant. I had my car last trip but hopefully I can find a kind soul to give me a lift to pick up point and I can have a drink or ten!! It will be great to be one of the first to see all our new signings in action. Notice I said signings. Roll on the new season.......

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  1. I don't want to give you too much help as we are destined to play heads up so often - The "Poker Essays" of Mason Malmuth might be good. He has written three of them so far. I got mine used from Amazon. Not sure what is close to you. Good luck at the new gig and listen to your wife's poker advice.