Sunday 16 August 2009

A Very Pleasant Day Out

I don't get to attend many Arsenal games due to my location and modest income, so when I get the chance to go to two games in four days you can imagine the anticipation as our supporters bus parked up at Goodison yesterday. I made my way into the Lower Bullens stand after a hopeless attempt to procure a beer from a bar that seemed to cater for the lucky few or the persistent ones prepared to miss the start of the game. I fell in to neither category and I made sure I was seated early.

I don't feel the need to do a match report as there are plenty blogs out there to tick that particular box. 6-1 to the Arsenal was not a song I or anyone else expected to be singing, especially at Goodison Park where points are usually very hard to come by. I did manage to capture some video of us singing 5-0 to the Arsenal. I even managed to get myself into the video.

Everton may not have been at their best, but let's not take anything away from the clinical manner of this victory. Every Arsenal player was well up for this and I was most impressed with our new signing Thomas Vermaelen who looked like he has been at the heart of our defence for years. I have not been Bentner's biggest fan in the past, but hell he was very impressive yesterday and his movement off the ball was excellent. Alex Song too was most impressive and hardly put a foot wrong the whole game. Our team did Arsenal Football Club proud yesterday. A magnificent first day of the season for us and a fantastic atmosphere in the away section with lots of high fives and hugging going on. We all sung our hearts out and it was great practice for Tuesday night where we will need to up the singing volume to compete with the electric atmosphere in Celtic Park.

I am very excited about my trip across the city in two days time and I expect us to beat them home and away. Celtic, be afraid, be very afraid, because The Arsenal are coming to town.

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