Wednesday 27 May 2009

I Need a Drink

The last few days have seen me playing no poker, drinking heavily and generally being out of the football loop. On top of all that, I had a round trip drive of nearly 700 miles to attend a wedding.

What a comfort it was to arrive at our hotel in Northampton to see a bottle of mineral water waiting to quench my thirst. On closer inspection I discovered it cost £3.95 to open the lid, and it was warm. On top of that, it cost £5 per day for the privilege of parking at the hotel. As the hotel was next to the M1, where the hell else was one meant to park... the hard shoulder??? All in all it was a stark demonstration of rip off Britain at its worst. 

On Sunday afternoon we wandered into a bar in Northampton to catch the Premiership finale. I was hoping to see Phil 'turdface' Brown and his team go down but sadly they stayed up due to Newcastle having as much spunk as a castrated bull :( 

I Sky +'d the Arsenal v Stoke game and eventually watched it on Monday evening. A good end to our season even though it meant very little.

Tonight we have the prospect of seeing Man U losing to Barcelona or the unthinkable prospect of Diver and co lifting the cup. I really don't think I could stomach the latter, especially after what that Evra has been saying about Cesc. I really, really hope that Lionel Messi is on top form and takes the total piss out of him. Go Barca !!!!!!!!!!!

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